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L eo Käßner

Redshoes of Leo Käßner
"Every new project or challenge is a totally different pair of shoes. But always with my style. Each pair learns from the previous one and gets a unique signature by each step."

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CEO & Co-Founder Runey GmbH

Together with an international founder team, consisting of LOVOO founders, three danish entrepreneurs and me, we started the project "Runey". Our goal was to validate a business case for an incentivized running app. Our vision was to motivate couchpotatoes to live a healthier life by paying them rewards and pocket money.

Product Manager at LOVOO

Working closely together with the chief product officer and the research teams to create a simplified product strategy for LOVOO.
Furthermore I was product owner of cross-functional teams, especially the CRM team with coders, designers, researches and marketing experts.
May 2015 - Dec. 2016
October 2015

Bachelor Thesis in Media Computer Science

Topic: "Combination of smartwatches and data glasses for locationbased interaction and visualization“
As I'm highly interested in interaction patterns for augmented reality, especially for productivity applications, I created my first work to analyze, design and develop a prototype for interacting with a location (iBeacons) through a combined system of smartwatch and data glasses. More...

Mobile Development at BreakOut e.V.

The BreakOut team consists of motivated and engaged young students, organizing a charity event where every year around 200 people traveling, within 36 hours, through europe without the use of money. With sponsors for their team they collect donations for each kilometer and completed challenges.
We developed a mobile app to share their locations, videos and experiences in realtime with their sponsors, family and fans. Details about the event and the team.
January 2015 - August 2016
September 2014

Summer academy "Leadership and personality"

Through this one week experience lead by Prof. Bordt SJ, I learned the power of meditation and self-reflection. The base for outstanding leadership is rooted in yourself and thats what we explored and learned how to explore it.
What is my foundation? What are my weaknesses and what are my talents?
This experience is always present for me and extends my continous professional learning. More about the course and guest speakers.

CEO & Co-Founder at FingerCoding

My brother, four friends and I developed interactive eBooks for children together with the famous publisher Diogenes from switzerland. Colorful drawings by Tomi Ungerer were funny animated, enriched with effect sounds and the audio book version could be played.
We also experimented with integrating smarthome (e.g. Philips Hue) as well as iBeacons for indoor tracking.
October 2012 - October 2016
August 2010

Released my first iOS App

With the release of my first iOS App, the path to digital product development and startups started. It was important to have the chance experimenting very early with coding, designing and also the business side of it.
The app was called "MyLoans" and is now again in the app store with a total redesign by my brother. Download it at the app store.
Panorama over Gardasee in Italy

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Panorama in spain
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